Wonderful Fabric From Selby

Sorry for the slow update on this. We’ve had a very hectic Christmas and I now have a new grandson so I haven’t had much time.

I got my sample for the vintage fabric I was talking about earlier in the month from Selby. What a lovely service they provide, very helpful when I rung up to ask what they knew about the fabric. The sample arrived very quickly and it was just perfect. the quality is really good so I’ve ordered some of it and if there’s any left I’ll likely order more. I haven’t found anything that compares with it on Ebay.

I should have the cushions made this weekend all going well! I’ve been struggling a little bit with the fabric as it keeps sliding under my machine, but I’m sure the final result will be worth the wait!

Some Really Nice Vintage Upholstery Fabrics

gold vintage upholstery fabricI’ve always loved vintage fabrics but it’s getting harder and harder to find them.

I still look on Ebay occasionally but the majority of them aren’t genuine vintage and you can often tell by the widths of the fabrics. The genuine upholstery fabrics are much more narrow (the looms weren’t as wide as they are now). I wanted some vintage upholstery fabric to create some new cushions to match my living room and I’ve found one that will look perfect.

It’s sold by selbysoftfurnishings.com and is priced at £15 per metre and I’ve ordered a free sample of it.

I also noticed they sold scatter cushions in the same fabric, which look really good, but I really wanted to make my own!