Curtains, The Need For Privacy And Warmth

The original idea of curtains was to keep the warmth within our homes and cold out. They were certainly a necessity, rather than for just decoration.

Curtains were once made from one piece of cloth which was then hung on a rod. The cloth had metal rings sewn to the top, which were then threaded onto the rod. The curtains were drawn from only one side of the window, unlike how they are commonly found these days. Back then, door curtains were far more common and made from thick tapestry. Bed curtains were also a common feature and again, were mainly used to keep you snug, warm and free from draughts. It did help of course that they looked quite pretty.

Nowadays the choice of curtain fabric is truly immense and long gone is the conventional way of thinking to dress windows. Anything goes, even those boring blinds that are so common these days.

paddle-curtain-designI recently saw an interesting design that featured an oar as the curtain pole. Certainly an innovative concept and fun to look at too. It’s nice to see some originality.

I wonder, do we still follow the tradition of changing from winter heavy weight to spring and summer light weight curtain fabrics? It was quite an occasion at the beginning of spring, taking down those dark, heavy curtains and replacing them with the light and bright floral curtains.

Washing those thick heavy winter curtains was certainly a task, but with the nicer weather on the horizon, we could finally be able to dry them outside! Or in the case of chenille fabric, having them dry cleaned. I remember my mother would always spoil the nice clean smell of our curtains by storing them away with moth balls (yuk)!

That nice clean smell would of course be long gone by October, when it was time to rehang them, ready for those cold winter nights.

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